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Lucasz in Kabul

Anyways, convinced a bunch of guys here to start listening to the NA show, now working on replacing the religious services in the local mosques so they spread the NA word five times a day instead of readings from the holly Qur'an.

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 02:08

Shadow Puppet Theatre

Mary Jo White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

White became Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in December 1992, and in March 1993 was appointed by President Bill Clinton as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District. She is noted for having overseen prosecutions of John Gotti and the terrorists responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing chief among them Ramzi Yousef. After Clinton's controversial last day presidential pardons, she was appointed by new Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate Marc Rich's pardon.[1]

For the past 10 years, she has been Chair of the litigation department at Debevoise & Plimpton.[3] Among other duties, she has used her influence and connections to protect Wall Street CEOs from prosecution.[4]

On January 24, 2013, President Barack Obama nominated White to replace Elisse B. Walter as Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.[5]

Debevoise & Plimpton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Russia Issues ''Critical Alert'' For US As Billions Flee American Banks

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 14:36

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January 26, 2013

RussiaIssues ''Critical Alert'' For US As Billions Flee American Banks

By:Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A sobering ''Critical Alert'' issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) this afternoon is warning all Russian diplomatic personal and civilian workers currently residing in the United States that an ''imminent terror attack'' should be expected to occur during the next fortnight, up to and including 12 February.

The three-level alarm system of terrorism threats issued in this report was signed into law by President Putin this past June and includes: Blue Level for elevated alert, Yellow Level for high alert, and Red Level for critical alert.

The MFA in issuing this extraordinary warning cites as one of its ''sufficiently critical criteria'' the mass withdrawal from the largest US banks this past week of $114.1 billion, the largest amount taken from these banks since the 11 September 2001 terror attacks, and which American financial experts have yet to explain because, in their words, they don't why.

Equally concerning the MFA, this report says, was Switzerland joining Germany, the Netherlands and Venezuela in demanding that their gold held in the vaults of the US Federal Reserve Bank in New York be repatriated, a move that has brought fear among many American financial experts as to its full implications.

MFA strategic analysts contributing to this report state that these ''massive financial moves'' by Western elites signal their knowing of an impending crisis about to hit the United States similar to past ''false flag attacks'' intended to shift US policy, and laws, towards even greater totalitarian measures.

One specific example citied in this report was the 28 February 1993 ''false flag'' event, now called the Waco Siege, which killed 4 US government agents and 82 men, women and children, and which led to the 13 September 1994 passage of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) that outlawed the American people from owning the types of armaments used in this state-sponsored massacre. [Note: This law expired in 2004]

Important to note, this report says, and in using past US history as an example, Russian terror experts ''fully expect'' the Americans to conduct another such staged event/massacre prior to President Obama's 12 February State of Union Address where he is expected to demand new gun laws to quickly disarm the citizens of his country, a move that has been cheered by the Communist Party USA.

Not cheering the Obama regimes move to disarm citizens, however, are the gun owners of New York State who are now faced with some of the most draconian anti-gun laws in America, but who have vowed they will not comply in what is being dubbed as ''the largest act of civil disobedience in State history.''

Even more disturbing, local Sheriffs across the United States are not cheering either and are vowing not enforce what they call ''unconstitutional gun laws.''

The opposition of Americas Sheriffs to Obama's gun-grab, this report continues, is significant as these law enforcement officers generally, but not always, are the highest law enforcement officer of a County with powers even exceeding those of US Federal government agents.

Quick to react against these Sheriffs, this report says, Obama regime supporter, and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, this past week stripped all of the County Sheriffs in his State of their arrest powers rendering them unable to protect the citizens who elected them from harm.

Not acting alone, either, this report continues, Attorney General Biden was joined this past week by US Attorney General Eric Holder who began the Obama regimes push against US citizens owning guns, and by Obama's former Chief of Staff, and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who told Americas banks this past week to stop supporting gun makers.

Where President Putin warned in 2009 that ''one is sorely tempted to make simple and popular decisions in times of crisis'' and continued by saying ''we could face far greater complications if we merely treat the symptoms of the disease'' and then adamantly warned the Obama regime of the dangers of socialism by stating ''In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state's role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.'', his words have, apparently, fallen on deaf ears.

To if the American people will continue to allow their once cherished rights to be continually destroyed for the benefit of their elite masters, while at the same time succumbing to any measure of manufactured fear the Obama, or any other, regime throws at them, it still remains unknown.

What is known, however, is that the foe these American people find themselves pitted against is the most ruthless and murderous our planet Earth has ever known'...over 150 million previously disarmed dead Russians, Chinese and German men, women and children over the past century can attest to that'...so now it's the United States turn to see who will ultimately win this tragic war against humanity.

January 26, 2012 (C) EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their 'agents' against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report ''Who Is Sorcha Faal?''.]

You May Already Be To Late'...But It Has Begun!

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Fast n Furious

VIDEO-Frontline Gets Its Man: Lanny Breuer Leaves DOJ After Expos(C) | PR Watch

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:45

Share thisIn a testament to the power of independent media, the award-winning public television show Frontline this week helped push a top Department of Justice (DOJ) official out the door.

On Tuesday, Frontline aired a report called "The Untouchables" detailing the DOJ's failure to prosecute the big banks for the 2008 financial meltdown and zeroing in on Lanny Breuer, the former White House legal counsel for Clinton who headed the DOJ's criminal division under Obama.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that Breuer was stepping down.

Many had criticized Attorney General Eric Holder and Breuer for failing to take action against the mega banks on Wall Street, and watched with disbelief last December as the DOJ decided to pass on criminal penalties against HSBC for laundering drug money and helping to finance terrorists. The behemoth bank was ordered to pay a record civil fine, but no criminal charges were lodged against any HSBC official. A New York Times editorial called the decision a "dark day for the rule of law."

But this time around, the Frontline crew had unparalleled access to Breuer which generated a number of key revelations:

Frontline documented that Breuer/Holder failed to use the tools available to them to really dig.

FRONTLINE: We spoke to a couple of sources from within the Criminal Division, and they reported that when it came to Wall Street, there were no investigations going on. There were no subpoenas, no document reviews, no wiretaps.

BREUER: Well, I don't know who you spoke with because we have looked hard at the very types of matters that you're talking about.

Frontline documented that Breuer/Holder failed to reach out to key whistle blowers.

FRONTLINE: Another criticism that has been thrown at you is that you've not done enough to go looking for the whistle-blowers that are out there. We have been able to contact a number of people who were inside the banks, doing due diligence work as contractors, who all told us that they were never contacted by the Justice Department.

BREUER: I can't talk in general about nondescript, anonymous whistle-blowers. But here's what I can tell you. Whenever I personally have been in any public setting, I've invited whistle-blowers to come forward.

Frontline documented that Breuer/Holder worried more about the fragility of the banks than cleaning up corruption on Wall Street.

FRONTLINE: You gave a speech before the New York Bar Association. You talked about your use of nonprosecution and deferred prosecution agreements. And in that speech, you made a reference to "losing sleep at night over worrying about what a lawsuit might result in at a large financial institution." Is that really the job of a prosecutor, to worry about anything other than simply pursuing justice?

BREUER: I think I and prosecutors around the country, being responsible, should speak to regulators, should speak to experts, because if I bring a case against institution A, and as a result of bringing that case there's some huge economic effect, it affects the economy so that employees who had nothing to do with the wrongdoing of the company... If it creates a ripple effect so that suddenly counterparties and other financial institutions or other companies that had nothing to do with this are affected badly, it's a factor we need to know and understand.

Just this week Pro Publica put out another blockbuster report about the corruption at Morgan Stanley before the financial meltdown, unveiling documents where employees dubbed the securities they were peddling: "Subprime Meltdown," "Nuclear Holocaust," and of course "Shitbag." This information was garnered not from the federal government prosecutions, but from a private lawsuit against the bank.

Before his appointment at the DOJ, Breuer had worked at the Washington office of Covington & Burling LLP alongside Holder. The firm specializes in helping big name corporations, including tobacco firms, evade taxes and get off the hook for crimes and malfeasance. Breuer is likely to return to that natural perch, unfortunately he will be leaving Holder behind to continue business as usual at the DOJ.


2012 Malian coup d'Žtat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amadou Sanogo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sanogo is one of six children born to Mamadou Sanogo and his wife.[4] Amadou Sanogo is nicknamed "Bolly" by relatives.[4]

Sanogo comes from Ségou, one of Mali's largest cities on the Niger River.[5] Sanogo has spent 22 years in the military.[6] Before the coup, Sanogo had held a mid-level army position.[7] A participant in the International Military Education and Training program,[8] he received training "at training programmes in the United States, in Georgia and at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia",[9] but his American instructors "never marked him out as future leadership material".[6] He also studied English at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.[6]


China Helps Algeria Develop Nuclear Weapons

The Nuclear Vault: The Algerian Nuclear Problem


Millions Learn Timbuktu is a real place!

French Troops in Mali Push On to Timbuktu

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Source: NYT > Home Page

Sun, 27 Jan 2013 15:10

PARIS '-- Mali forces backed by French troops were advancing Sunday toward the crucial northern town of Timbuktu as they begin to deploy in the rebel stronghold of Gao, French officials said.

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in a statement that the French troops were ''around Gao and soon near Timbuktu,'' further west. Timbuktu has been under the control of rebels and Islamist fighters for 10 months, though there are reports that many of the Islamist fighters have moved farther into the vast desert.

The French are also expected to move on the large town further to the north, Kidal, with the notion of clearing population centers and garrisoning them with allied African troops before the rains are scheduled to come in March.

The capture of the main strategic points on Saturday in Gao represented the biggest prize yet in the battle to retake the northern half of the country. The French Defense Ministry spokesman, Col. Thierry Burkhard, said on Sunday morning on Europe 1 radio that Malian, Nigerian and Chadian troops were now deploying in Gao after French special forces took the Gao airport and a strategic bridge on Saturday.

''The taking of control of Gao, which has between 50,000 and 60,000 inhabitants, by Malian, Chadian and Nigerian soldiers, is under way,'' Colonel Burkhard said. French airstrikes had been pounding Gao since France joined the fight at Mali's request on Jan. 11.Gao, 600 miles northeast of Bamako, the capital, had been under the control of the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, a splinter group of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Al Jazeera broadcast a statement from Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in which the group said it had withdrawn temporarily from some cities it held, but would return with greater force.

In Washington, the Pentagon said Saturday that the United States would provide aerial refueling for French warplanes. The decision increases American involvement, which until now had consisted of transporting French troops and equipment and also providing intelligence, including satellite photographs.

Little information has come from the other two main cities under rebel control '-- Timbuktu, the fabled desert oasis, and Kidal, northeast of Gao '-- for the past 10 days because mobile phone networks have been down.

Konna was overrun by Islamic fighters on Jan. 10, prompting France to intervene, and a clearer picture has begun to emerge of the fighting. Residents and officials said that at least 11 civilians had been killed in French airstrikes.

Charred husks of pickup trucks lined the road into the town, and broken tanks and guns littered the fish market, where the rebels appeared to have set up a temporary base.

Because of France's sudden entry into the fray, the United Nations and the regional trade bloc known as Ecowas, the Economic Community of West African States, have been scrambling to put together an African-led intervention force that has been in the planning stages. The Mali Army, which has struggled to fight the Islamist groups, has been accused of serious human rights violations.

From Konna, it is easy to see why the Malian government pleaded for French help after the Islamist fighters took control of the town. Just 35 miles of asphalt separate Konna from the garrison town of S(C)var(C), home to the second-biggest airfield in Mali and a vital strategic point for any foreign intervention force.

Residents said their town fell to the rebels when 300 pickup trucks of fighters, bristling with machine guns, rolled in and pushed back the Malian Army troops who had been guarding the town after a fierce battle.

Amadou Traore, 29, a tire repairman, said residents had heard that the Islamist rebels had surrounded the town before the attack, but he had been confident that the army would keep them at bay.

''We thought there was no way for them to enter into the town,'' he said. ''But they came in the night. They told us, 'Tomorrow we will go to S(C)var(C).' ''

A woman who lived in his compound was hit by a bullet, he said. They tried to take her to the town clinic, but the doctor had fled. ''After two days, she died,'' Mr. Traore said.

Baro Coulibaly fled her house along the main road into town, moving with her husband and six children to the relative safety of the town center, where they stayed with her in-laws for days. They heard French bombs and rebel bullets ricocheting around the mud-walled dwellings.

''Nobody could get in or out,'' Ms. Coulibaly said. ''We were so afraid we barely ate or slept.''

Residents said they heard that the fearsome Tuareg leader of the Islamist group Ansar Dine, Iyad ag Ghali, had led the attack on their town, but no one saw him. The rebels spoke many languages, the residents said. Some were light-skinned Arabs and Tuaregs, a nomadic people, while others were dark-skinned people who spoke the local languages of Niger, Nigeria and Mali.

Boubacar Diallo, a local political leader, said that only a few rebel fighters came at first. Later, hundreds more joined them, overwhelming the Malian soldiers based here. He said he never saw them pray and scoffed at their assertion that they would teach the Muslim population a purer form of Islam.

''They say they are Muslims, but I don't know any Muslim who does not pray,'' Mr. Diallo said.

The fighters took down the Malian flag and raised a banner of their own, a white piece of paper printed with words in Arabic '-- ''Assembly for the Spiritual Ideology to Purify the African World'' '-- and pictures of machine guns.

After the Islamist fighters fled, Mr. Diallo took it down and replaced it with the Malian flag.

Lydia Polgreen reported from Konna, and Steven Erlanger from Paris. Elisabeth Bumiller contributed reporting from Washington and Scott Sayare from Paris

Veertig Belgische militairen naar Mali

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:28

Kort voor 7.30 uur zondagochtend is een veertigtal Belgische militairen vanop Melsbroek naar Afrika vertrokken. Na een tussenstop in een voorlopig onbekend land reizen ze door naar Mali om er de twee medische Agusta A190-helikopters in werking te stellen die Belgi aan Frankrijk ter beschikking stelt voor de operatie Serval in Mali.

De militairen zullen er een 'voorwacht' van drie personen vervoegen die al in Mali zijn ontplooid. In principe zullen ze koers zetten naar de hoofdstad Bamako.

De helikopters zullen maandag aan boord van Russische Iliouchin 76-transportvliegtuigen naar Bamako gevlogen worden, weten Belgische en Franse bronnen. De uiteindelijke plaats van ontplooiing van de twee helikopters, waarvan (C)(C)n als reserve, was zondag nog niet bekend, en 'hangt af van de Franse vragen', aldus een militaire bron.


Er was overwogen de toestellen te stationeren in Bamako of zelfs in Segou, een plaats 250 km ten noordoosten van Bamako. De opmars van de Franse en Malinese troepen naar het noorden van het land kan die plannen nog wijzigen. Zaterdag werd de controle veroverd over de luchthaven van Gao, op 1.200 km ten noordoosten van Bamako.

De helikopters zullen eventuele gewonden naar ziekenhuizen en 'chirurgische antennes' overvliegen, en moeten zich dus kort achter de frontlinie bevinden.

Extra troepen

Intussen zijn West-Afrikaanse landen bereid hun troepensterkte in Mali te verhogen. Dat is beslist op een top van de Economische Gemeenschap van West-Afrikaanse Staten (ECOWAS) in Ivoorkust.

De West-Afrikaanse landen willen hun steun opkrikken van de eerder afgesproken 3.300 eenheden tot 7.000 eenheden. Momenteel hebben de West-Afrikaanse landen al zo'n 1.750 militairen geleverd. De grootste steun komt Tsjaad en Niger. Beide landen leverden al 550 militairen.

@@adamcurry A #NoAganda listener? Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes 911, MSM etc...... http://t.co/KNhuKhPj

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Source: @adamcurry - Twitter Search

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:21


Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot at the Belgian Parliament.

On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgiam MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgiam Parliament, he evokes that 9/11 was made up and says what no one before him has never dared to speak out!

Please share this exceptional moment of truth. There were other interventions as powerful from that man regarding the necessity to re-open the DUTROUX CASE, since he has been confronted to official pictures of the pedophile's little victims that dramatically contradicted the official version of the cause of their death.

I'll translate his intervention on that subject within the next days because too many dark secrets are poisoning our democracies, and because it seems like in the heart of EUROPE, dark secrets have become a raw material.Thank's for sharing. This man needs and deserve our support.

Belgian MP Laurent Louis Exposes International Neo-Colonial Plot

Algeria crisis: Algerian forces find 'two Canadians and at least one Frenchman' among bodies of gas plant gunmen | Mail Online

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 03:55

Canadian passports found on badly burned bodies of two insurgentsOne Frenchman among the terrorists, say Algerian judicial sourcesAlgerian PM says 37 foreign hostages from eight countries had diedTotal death toll of captives and hostage-takers has risen to 89Cameron says repatriation of dead Brits 'top priority' but may take timeSome of the gunmen 'given short-term contracts by the oil and gas giant'Attackers 'arrived in cars painted in colours of Algerian state energy firm'Group threatens further attacks unless France ends assault on Mali rebelsWilliam Hague denies intervention in Libya had fuelled extremism in regionBy David Williams

PUBLISHED: 14:35 EST, 20 January 2013 | UPDATED: 02:59 EST, 22 January 2013

The storming of the BP gas plant in Algeria and murder of dozens of hostages was orchestrated by a Canadian, it emerged yesterday.

Documents found on the bodies of two terrorists '' one a ringleader '' identified them as Canadians and Western intelligence agencies were checking last night whether either was 'known' to them.

Survivors have told how at least one of the kidnappers spoke perfect English in giving them orders.

Both Canadians entered Algeria from Libya with members of the 'Blood Battalion' led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

Scroll down for video

One-eyed fugitive: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an Algerian who fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s, has reportedly claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of up to 41 foreigners at an Algerian gas field

Armed to the teeth: The terrorists' weapons, recovered by Algerian special forces, included six machine guns, 21 rifles, two mortars with shells, two rocket-propelled grenade launchers and ten explosive belts

Their cars were painted in the colours of the Algerian state energy firm, Sonatrach.

Only part of one of the men's names '' 'Chedad,' which is Moroccan '' was released yesterday but British investigators were seeking to establish whether either Canadian had spent time in Britain or had UK links.

The development raises fears that the Arab Spring has been a rallying call for extremists. Hundreds of Britons and Westerners joined the fighting in the Middle East and North Africa and some may have subsequently joined violent groups abroad or terror gangs back home.

Significantly, a Briton who is believed to be an Islamic convert in his late 20s with blond hair and blue eyes is said to have joined one-eyed Belmokhtar's group last year. He is reported to have visited wounded jihadists at a hospital in south-east Mali.

Terrifying: This image shows the moment that workers were first taken captive by Al Qaeda terrorists at the remote plant in Algeria

Destroyed: Men look at the wreckage of a vehicle near In Amenas. Algerian bomb squads scouring the gas plant found numerous new bodies as they searched for explosive traps left behind

And a second British jihadist linked to the terror leader is said to be a Londoner, who was captured by the Mauritanian authorities last month trying to cross into Mali.

BBC UNDER FIRE FOR CALLING TERRORISTS 'MILITANTS'The BBC was criticised yesterday for calling the gang behind the Algeria hostage killings 'militants' rather than 'terrorists'.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said he was disappointed that the broadcaster was 'consistently' using the term.

The BBC has specific guidance about the word terrorist, warning its reporters that it can imply value judgments. In one report on its website, it described the killers as 'militants' 12 times. The word 'terrorist' appeared only in a quote.

Mr Bridgen quizzed David Cameron on the issue yesterday and the Prime Minister agreed that he had a 'good point'. He added: 'These are terrorists and they should be described as such.'

Investigators say the men are part of a 'small but increasing and significant' number of Britons or foreign nationals living in the UK and travelling to join extremist groups with loose associations to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

It is thought Britons and other Europeans may have attended terror camps in the Sahel region to the south of the Sahara.

The Canadian link has long been feared, according to David Harris of the terrorist intelligence programme at Insignis Strategic Research in Ottawa.

He said the country's open borders and dual language made it attractive to French-speaking immigrants from North Africa. French anti-terrorism magistrate Jean-Louis Brugui¬re has called Montreal a hub of North African terrorism.

Four years ago, a Canadian, Momin Khawaja, was jailed for ten years for his part in planning a fertiliser bomb plot in Britain for which five people were convicted in the UK.

Khawaja, 33, made numerous trips from his home in Ottawa to London claiming to be seeking a wife.

He was actually helping to plan the attack, which was foiled by British police.

Algeria's prime minister yesterday said 37 foreigners of eight nationalities and one Algerian worker were killed during the hostage crisis. At least 29 militants also died.

Abdelmalek Sellal, who strongly defended the actions of his special forces in storming the BP plant, said the terrorists had worn army uniforms, memorised the layout of the vast complex and were intending to blow it up.

The plant, which is vital to the Algerian economy, is expected to resume operations today.Jihadists yesterday threatened more hostage-taking unless Western powers leave Mali.

Updating MPs in the House of Commons this afternoon, David Cameron said the process of bringing home the bodies of the victims was Britain's top priority, but might take some time.

David Cameron, pictured outside Downing Street today, was due to update MPs on the situation in Algeria this afternoon.

Mr Cameron said his deepest condolences were with the families of the victims and told the Commons work to clear the site of potential traps was continuing.

He said: 'Now our most vital work is bringing home those who died. An international team of British, American and Norwegian experts is in close co-operation with the Algerian ministry of justice undertaking the task of formally identifying their bodies.

'We want this process to happen as swiftly as possible but it will involve some intensive forensic and policing work and so may take some time.'

He said 800 employees were working at plant at the time of the attack, 135 of whom were foreign nationals.

More than 40 of those were taken hostage and at least 12 were killed, with at least a further 20 unaccounted for and feared dead, he said.

The number of terrorists was over 30, most of whom were killed during the incident, while 'a small number' had been taken into Algerian custody.

He said evolving nature of the global terrorist threat demanded a 'tough, intelligent, patient' response based on strong international partnerships.

Earlier, the PM's official spokesman stressed that the Government's position that UK troops will not take on a combat role in Mali remained unchanged.

The spokesman told a regular Westminster media briefing: 'Clearly in Mali at the moment there is a military response in terms of French forces supporting the Malian government.

'We very much support the French in that but our position about troops not being in a combat role is completely unchanged with regard to Mali.

'More widely, as the Foreign Secretary was saying in the context of Somalia, when it comes to military roles our view is very much that they should be regionally-led.'

VIDEO Algerian PM: Canadian led gas plant attack Play VideoLoading video...VIDEO British gas worker Tony Grisedale hid in the dark for two days Play VideoLoading video...Asked whether Mr Cameron was content with Algiers' response to the siege, the spokesman said: 'We were always very clear that there there were difficult decisions that faced the Algerian authorities. It was a fluid, fast-moving event. We were not going to rush into making judgments.'

He added: 'The Prime Minister said yesterday that we should be very clear that the responsibility for the loss of life lies with the terrorists.

'We recognise what the Algerians have done to co-ordinate with us. He thanked them for that and he also noted the Algerian loss of life and the fact that this was an attack against an Algerian site.'

The spokesman said Britain would 'work with our international partners' to bring those responsible for the killings to justice.

Asked about claims made during the siege by the hostage-takers' leader, Abdul Rahman al-Nigeri, that he had been in contact with British officials, Mr Cameron's spokesman said: 'We don't negotiate with terrorists.

'That has always been and remains our policy. I have seen these reports but I am not going to go into details.'

Remembered: Paul Thomas Morgan, 46, the first of the British victims of the hostage crisis in Algeria identified

Killed: Garry Barlow (left) and Kenneth Whiteside (right) also died at the oil plant

On the road: Algerian army trucks are seen near In Amenas, the gas plant where the hostage taking happened

Response: A soldier and rescue vehicles are seen near In Amenas, the gas plant where the hostage taking occurred

Recollections: Iain Strachan (left) and Darren Matthews (right) talked about their ordeal on Algerian state TV

France orders special forces to protect Niger uranium: source

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Source: Reuters: World News

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 13:53

PARIS | Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:57am EST

PARIS (Reuters) - France has ordered special forces to protect uranium sites run by state-owned Areva in Niger as the threat of attacks on its interests rises after its intervention against rebels in Mali, a military source said on Thursday.

Areva has been mining uranium in Niger for more than five decades and provides much of the raw materials that power France's nuclear power industry, the source of 75 percent of the country's electricity.

Paris launched air strikes and sent hundreds of soldiers into Niger's neighbor Mali this month to drive back al-Qaeda-linked rebels it said could turn the West African country into a base for international attacks.

The insurgents have threatened to hit French targets across the Sahel region in revenge and, days after the French assault, militants stormed a desert gas plant in Algeria and took hostages.

The military source confirmed a report in weekly magazine Le Point that special forces and equipment would be sent to Areva's uranium production sites in Imouraren and Arlit, but declined to go into further details.

Defence ministry officials declined to comment on the report and Areva said it did not talk about security issues.

Seven workers, including five French nationals, were kidnapped in Arlit by al Qaeda's north African arm AQIM in September 2010. It later released three of the hostages but four French citizens are still being held.

Areva, Niger's biggest single investor, has about 2,700 workers in Niger and is planning to start up a third mine in Imouraren.

The planned startup of production in Imouraren was delayed to 2013 or 2014 from 2012, following the kidnappings and a labor dispute.

An Areva spokeswoman said this month the French government had not asked the company to reduce staffing in Niger. She added Areva has an extensive security plan for its employees and that the plan has been reviewed by the French authorities.

(Reporting By John Irish, Geert de Clercq, Muriel Boselli and Michel Rose; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

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VIDEO-NATO Terrorists in Syria Attack Kurdish Minority | Global Research

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:49

The Western media and Western government representatives from the United States and across the European Union, still insist that the sectarian bloodbath unfolding in Syria, fueled by US, British and EU weapons and cash, is a so-called ''pro-democracy'' uprising. Why then, one might ask, are these so-called ''pro-democracy'' freedom fighters turning their weapons on Syria's Kurdish minority if the ''rebels'' are allegedly locked in mortal combat with a ''dictatorship'' they seek to overthrow for the sake of all Syrians?

The answer of course is that the conflict is most certainly not a ''pro-democracy'' uprising, but rather Saudi-Qatari inspired sectarian extremists imported and armed by NATO from abroad, to subjugate and conquer the people of Syria '' to subjugate and conquer anyone who does not subscribe or submit to Saudi-inspired, NATO underwritten extremism in pursuit of foreign-backed regime change and regional geopolitical reordering.

To explain the recent violence visited upon Kurds in Syria, PressTV interviewed New York City-based geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.com:


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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:37

Turkey is losing the war against Kurdistan. That's why Erdogan hoodwinked NATOto get the Patriot missiles. NATO has declared operational the first Patriotantimissile battery deployed in Northern Kurdistan. The other five units areexpected to be in place and operational over the next few days.Turks and Kurds lock horns over Northern Kurdistan. A poll ofhttp://venitism.blogspot.com shows 90% of the people believe Kurdistan willeventually become an independent nation. Kurdish people are definitely a nationdeserving of a sovereign homeland out of the territories where Kurdish peopleform a majority. Currently, these territories lie in northern Iraq, northwesternIran, southeastern Turkey and northeastern Syria.

Turkey gets Patriot missiles from NATO, pretending defense against Syria, butthe real purpose is the war against Kurdistan. The first battery to go combatready was provided by the Netherlands. The unit is the latest version of theUS-made Patriots, which is optimized for intercepting incoming rockets. It'sdeployed in the city of Adana. One wonders what the hell Patriots were doing inthe Netherlands, a country without enemies or any possibility of war!

Twenty million Kurds live in Northern Kurdistan occupied by Turkey, ten millionin Eastern Kurdistan occupied by Iran, seven million in Southern Kurdistanoccupied by Iraq, and three million in Western Kurdistan occupied by Syria. Thewish of forty million Kurds cannot be ignored by civil society. Support anindependent Kurdistan now. Viva Kurdistan!

Other Patriot systems, which are expected to be set up and made fullyoperational by the end of January, will be stationed in the Kurdish cities ofKahramanmaras and Gaziantep, now occupied by Turkey. The United States, Germany,and the Netherlands are providing two antimissile facilities each. Erdoganhoodwinked for NATO help in December. The request was granted, as the UnitedStates, Germany, and the Netherlands decided to send Patriots to Turkey, alongwith a contingent of 1,200 soldiers to operate them.

The Kurdish army is fighting for an autonomous Kurdistan. Abdullah Ocalan, theheroic leader of Kurds, was betrayed by the government of Greece, and Ocalan wascaptured in Kenya in 1999, while being transferred from the Greek embassy to theairport of Nairobi, in a coordinated operation of the intelligence services ofTurkey, USA, and Israel. Ocalan is imprisoned on Imrali island in the MarmaraSea south of Istanbul.

Disappearances and extrajudicial executions have emerged as new and disturbingpatterns of human rights violations by the Turkish state. Turkey is also usingchemical and biological weapons against the Kurdish army and indignants.

Lavrov says: The more military hardware you accumulate in one place the morerisk you have that this hardware one day would be used. As for the purpose ofthis deployment, yes, I read and hear that some experts believe that if it isintended to prevent any Syrian crossfire then it could be positioned a bitdifferently. And as it is envisaged to be positioned, some people say it isquite useful to protect the American radar which is part of the American missiledefense system they are building quoting the threat from Iran. If this is thecase then it is even more risky, I would say, because this multiple purposedeployment could create additional temptations.

The legendary Kurdistan Workers' Party, Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan (PKK), fightsto liberate Northern Kurdistan, which forms the south-eastern part of Turkey. Itis dominated by high peaks rising to over 3,700 meters and arid mountainplateaux, forming part of the arc of the Taurus Mountains. The occupation ofNorthern Kurdistan is opposed by all Kurds, and has resulted in a long-runningseparatist conflict in which fifty thousand lives have been lost.

Considering that the US wants to use Turkey as an advance missile shield, thePatriots might be stationed there forever. Turkey wanted to modernize itsweapons anyway and had already started taking bids for similar weapons systems.Under these circumstances, the weapons are directed against Kurdistan.

Northern Kurdistan saw several major Kurdish rebellions. These were forcefullyput down by the Turkish authorities and the region was declared a closedmilitary area. The use of Kurdish language was outlawed, the words Kurds andKurdistan were erased from dictionaries and history books, and the Kurds wereonly referred to as Mountain Turks!

As Syria's crisis deepens, Western Kurdistan occupied by Syria, is nowliberated. Syrian Kurdish groups have formed a de facto state in the north ofSyria. The Kurdish army took control of several provinces near Turkey's border.Kurdish flags and posters of Ocalan fly from buildings in Western Kurdistantowns. Davutoglu threatens the new state of Western Kurdistan: We will notallow the formation of a terrorist structuring near our border. We reserve every right. Nomatter what it is, we would consider it a matter of national,security and takeevery measure.

Erdogan accuses Assad of allowing the Kurdish army a free hand in the north ofSyria and warned Ankara would not hesitate to strike. Recent developments havecome as an unpleasant surprise to Turcokleptocrats. When Syrian Kurds distancedthemselves from the Assad regime, Turkey welcomed this development. But Ankaradid not expect Syrian Kurds would soon unite around the Kurdish army.

Turkey has been fighting against the Kurdish army since 1984, and the conflicthas so far claimed fifty thousand lives. The Kurdish army has been effectivelyusing its bases in the mountainous region of Southern Kurdistan. With itsgrowing influence and strength in Syria's Kurdish populated regions, the Kurdisharmy has now liberated Western Kurdistan.

The recent developments have sparked stronger demands by Turkish Kurds fromAnkara and further increased tension in Northern Kurdistan, occupied by Turkey.Turkish MP Baydemir points out the only way ahead is the creation of autonomousKurdistan regions in Turkey, Syria and Iran, just as the one in Iraq. Nowwe got the new state of Western Kurdistan. There must be an abolition of bordersamong the regions of Kurdistan, the creation of a customs union, and a newpolitical partnership with the occupying countries.

For years, Turkey's Kurds are deprived of their basic political and culturalrights. As concerns grow in Turkey about the new state of Western Kurdistan, theTurkish military has stepped up its deployment on the border. The president ofSouthern Kurdistan, Massud Barzani, cannot be hoodwinked by Erdogan. Turkey istrying to convince Barzani to betray his people! This is mission impossible.

Erdogan wants to overthrow Assad, but he expects that the mosaic of Syriansociety, its ethnic make-up, will remain stable. When you shake thekaleidoscope, you cannot be certain where the pieces will fall down. Erdogancannot have his cake and eat it too when it comes to toppling Assad andmaintaining regional stability. With the growing hostility between Ankara andDamascus and the fact that the Turkish and Syrian authorities have lost controlof large parts of the border with Turkey, the Kurdish army can operate inNorthern Kurdistan.

Threatening Syria with reprisals will only fuel the independence of Kurdistan,just as cracking down on Kurdish resistance does not change the fact that now wehave two autonomous areas on the Turkish border, Southern Kurdistan and WesternKurdistan. Lebanonization of Syria leads to liberation of Kurdistan. ButErdogan wants to have it both ways. He wants to see the implosion of the Syrianregime, but he doesn't want to see the liberation of Kurdistan. For Turks, thislogical contradiction is coming home to haunt them.

SHOCK - Turkish Ship With Tonnes of Weapons Sails To Volos!

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 06:49

Port and customs officials were put on alert on Thursday after finding out that a cargo ship that had requested to be refueled (transit oil) at the port of Heracles (in Asteria Agrias) was carrying heavy weaponry and ammunition. Officials immediately informed the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Merchant Marine and the headquarters of the Hellenic Coast Guard. Following this, officials secured the area around the port and special forces from the Coast Guard conducted a thorough investigation.According to a report from the Thessaly Journal, the ship "Alexandretta" -which was flying the flag of Saint Vincent- was from Turkey, and although it is registered as a cement bulk cargo ship was in all reality suspiciously transporting a huge quantity of weapons and ammunition. It said that unconfirmed reports also spoke of portable antiaircraft guns and anti-tank missiles, ammunition and infantry weapons such as Kalashnikov guns, etc.

The newspaper noted that the ship was bound for Libya, but also said that it could have been headed towards Mali (which boarders Libya) to arm Islamic rebels fighting there.

The newspaper, quoting reliable sources, said that as soon as Greek authorities were notified, they surrounded the ship, and prevented any embarking and disembarking to be conducted. For security purposes the ship was then forced to dock at the port of Volos, where it was immediately quarantined and under the watchful eye of competent authorities.

According to legislation, ships transporting weaponry -bound for countries such as Libya, Iran, Syria- are forbidden to pass through Greece. The newspaper said that the ship's capacity is 4,000 tonnes, but it did not disclose the exact weight of the cargo.

It should be reminded that Yemen authorities had discovered a similar shipment from a Turkish ship last November on the outskirts of the Anten port. The report in the Thessaly Journal noted that at the time, authorities were shocked to discover the $120 million shipment, and even more so when they uncovered that the ship was transporting 3,000 Turkish made pistols with silencers that were well hidden in biscuit boxes!

Source: Journal of ThessalyFeatured on the http://www.enkripto.com/2013/01/to.html Greek news site

Economic Hit Men

World Bank approves $500 million loan for Tunisia

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Source: The Daily Star >> Live News

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 13:52

TUNIS: The World Bank has approved a $500 million loan to Tunisia to support its 2013 budget and help its economy after the first Arab Spring uprising that toppled its former ruler, a minister said on Thursday.

Two years after the revolution that ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, increasing numbers of Tunisians are staging street protests to demand jobs and economic development.

The new loan follows another of the same amount last November to support economic recovery by providing funds to improve the business and financial sectors and reform social services.

"The World Bank approved a loan of $500 million to support Tunisia's budget in 2013," Riadh Bettaib, minister of investment and international cooperation, said.

Tunisia, whose uprising sparked political changes across North Africa, said in November it is seeking a $2.5 billion loan from the IMF, and Fund officials said last Friday discussions were under way to establish what was needed.

Tunisia's Islamist-led government has sought to revive the economy hit by a decline in trade with Europe and by policy disputes between secularists and hardline Salafi Islamists.

Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, said on Wednesday in Tunis he was optimistic about the future of Tunisia though it needed painful reforms to revive its economy.

Drone Nation

Attackers blow up main oil pipeline in Yemen: officials.

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Source: DaDenMan news feed

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 15:14

SANAA | Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:19am EST

SANAA (Reuters) - Unidentified attackers blew up Yemen's main oil pipeline, forcing the country to shut down one of its most lucrative sources of income, government and tribal sources said on Saturday.

Yemen's oil and gas pipelines have been repeatedly sabotaged by insurgents and tribesmen since anti-government protests created a power vacuum in 2011, causing fuel shortages and slashing export earnings for the impoverished country.

Witnesses said the pipeline linking production fields in the central Maarib province to the Red Sea was attacked on Friday night.

"We heard a blast in the Sirwah area followed by flames rising from the pipeline," one tribal witness told Reuters.

Yemen's stability is a priority for the United States and its Gulf Arab allies because of the country's strategic position next to top oil exporter Saudi Arabia and shipping lanes, and because is home to one of al Qaeda's most active wings.

A government source said production was halted after a device placed under the pipeline exploded.

"The army is on the trail of the saboteurs and technical teams will immediately start repairing the damage," the source said.

A long closure of the line last year forced the country's largest refinery at Aden to shut, leaving the small producer dependent on fuel donations from Saudi Arabia and imports.

On December 31, Yemen resumed oil pumping at a rate of around 70,000 barrels per day (bpd) after the latest repairs to a pipeline which used to carry around 110,000 bpd of Marib light crude to an export terminal on the Red Sea before a spate of attacks began in 2011.

(Reporting by Mohammed Ghobari; Writing by Sami Aboudi; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

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Al Qaeda Commander Killed for the Third Time

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 02:51

UPDATE: This story was updated on Jan. 24, 2013.

The second in command of al Qaeda's Yemen affiliate was reportedly killed in an airstrike in Yemen in December, according to a news report by Arabic television network Al Arabiya, the third time the former Guantanamo detainee has been reported dead since 2010.

According to the report, Said al-Shihri died last month after sustaining severe injuries from a joint U.S.-Yemeni airstrike that targeted a convoy in which he was riding. The al Arabiya account, based on information from "family sources," said that the airstrike left al-Shihri in a coma. He allegedly died soon after and was buried in Yemen.

On Tuesday afternoon, hours after the initial report, a Yemeni government official denied having any information regarding the death of al-Shihri, according to Arabic news site al-Bawaba. On Thursday, however, the Yemeni government released a statement saying al-Shihri had "succumb[ed] to wounds received in a counterterrorism operation." The government said the wounds had been received on Nov. 28.

A well-known jihadi with demonstrated ties to al Qaeda has also released a statement announcing al Shihri's death, according to SITE Intelligence Group. "I send to the Ummah news of the martrydom of Sheikh Said al-Shihri," said Abdullah bin Muhammad.

No photos of a body have yet surfaced, nor have any other jihadi statements. This is at least the third time al-Shihri, the second in command of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), has been reported killed since 2009. In 2010, the Yemeni government claimed it had captured him. In September 2012, Yemeni news sites reported he was killed in an American drone strike.

PHOTOS: Terrorists Who Came Back from the Grave

READ: Gitmo Detainee turned terror commander killed: Reports

Al-Shihri, a "veteran jihadist," traveled to Afghanistan shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks to fight coalition troops, only to be captured weeks later, according to West Point's Combating Terrorism Center. He was sent to the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he stayed for six years before being released to Saudi Arabia. There, he entered a so-called "jihadi rehab" program that attempted to turn terrorists into art students by getting them to get "negative energy out on paper," as the program's director told ABC News in 2009.

READ: Trading Bombs for Crayons: Terrorists Get 'Art Therapy'

But just months after he supposedly entered the fingerpainting camp, al-Shihri reappeared in Yemen where he was suspected to have been behind a deadly bombing at the U.S. embassy there.

At the time, critics of the "jihadi rehab" program used al-Shihri as evidence that extremists would just go through the motions in order to be freed.

Click Here for the Blotter Homepage.

Seven dead in Yemen drone strike

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Source: BBC News - Home

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 13:54

24 January 2013Last updated at07:12 ETA US drone strike in Yemen has killed seven suspected al-Qaeda militants, according to Yemeni officials.

Wednesday's strike targeted a vehicle near the town of Khawlan, around 30km (20 miles) from the capital, Sanaa.

There have been several US drone strikes against militants in Yemen in recent days.

Yemen is considered a stronghold of al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula (AQAP). Militants have gained ground because of the weakness of the central government.

A US-backed military offensive last year pushed the militants back from some of its strongholds in the south, but AQAP is viewed by the US as as the most active and deadly wing of al-Qaeda's terror network.

Wednesday's strike completely destroyed the car it targeted, with the bodies burnt inside the wreckage, eyewitnesses said.

On Tuesday, five people were killed in a strike near the border with Saudi Arabia and on Monday another four people died in a strike in the centre of the country.

At least six more are reported to have been killed in strikes over the weekend.

Earlier this week, Yemeni human rights minister Huriyah Mashhur was quoted as criticising US drone strikes in Yemen, calling for an "alternative strategy".

Shut Up Slave!

US braces for 'six strikes' online piracy program

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Source: Phys.org - latest science and technology news stories

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:07

Protesters demonstrate against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) on January 18, 2012 in New York City. A new voluntary system aimed at rooting out online copyright piracy using a controversial "six strikes" system is set to be implemented by US Internet providers soon, with the impact unclear.

A new voluntary system aimed at rooting out online copyright piracy using a controversial "six strikes" system is set to be implemented by US Internet providers soon, with the impact unclear.

The program was created with the music and film industry and the largest Internet firms, with some prodding by US government.

The system had been set to take effect late last year but was delayed until early 2013 by the Center for Copyright Information, the entity created to manage the program.

Even though the program became known as "six strikes," backers say the name is misleading and that it is not aimed at cutting off Internet access for people downloading pirated films or music.

The center's director Jill Lesser said the program is not "punitive."

"We believe a voluntary, flexible program will be the best way to address this, and we think consumers will respond to it," she told AFP.

Participating in the program are the five largest broadband Internet providers'--Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Cablevision and Verizon'--covering some 85 percent of US residential customers.

Lesser said the program should be launched "very soon" after some technical issues are worked out, but offered no date.

A Verizon document leaked on the TorrentFreak blog suggests that the big Internet provider would deliver warnings for the first two suspected offenses and for the third and fourth incident, redirect customers to a page where they would have to "acknowledge" the warning.

For the fifth and six offenses, Verizon would "throttle" the Internet download speeds of customers to just above dial-up speeds. Customers could appeal the actions by paying $35 for a review by an arbitrator.


A man walks past graffiti made by the online hackers' group Anonymous at the entrance of the French anti-piracy watchdog Hadopi headquarters on January 30, 2012 in Paris. A new voluntary system aimed at rooting out online copyright piracy using a controversial "six strikes" system is set to be implemented by US Internet providers soon, with the impact unclear.

Verizon spokesman Ed McFadden said the report was based on a "working draft document," and that the company is still developing its response. Other leaked documents showed AT&T would block users' access to some of the most frequently-visited websites and that Time Warner Cable would temporarily interrupt the ability to browse the Internet, according to TorrentFreak.

Lesser said the program is not aimed at operators of public Wi-Fi networks such as cafes, though critics disagree.

"It's becoming clear that operating a public Internet hotspot is going to be nearly impossible" because of potential copyright violations on sites like YouTube and Facebook, said Cory Doctorow, editor at tech blog Boing Boing.

But Lesser insisted the program "will not shut down public wireless access."

Six strikes has received a mixed response, but even some Internet freedom activists say it is preferable to a government-mandated program like the Stop Online Piracy Act, which failed last year to win congressional approval.

The program could "play a useful and positive role in addressing the problem of copyright infringement without causing a lot of problems for consumers and the architecture of the Internet," said David Sohn of the Center for Democracy & Technology.

But Chris Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union said it was "biased" toward copyright holders.

"The rights holder doesn't have to pay to accuse you of anything. You have to pay to assert your innocence," said Soghoian, the principal technologist with the ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project.

He said similar programs in other countries have proven unpopular and failed in many cases to accomplish their stated goals.

"There is a proven way of reducing infringement, and that is to create things people want to buy at a reasonable price and make it easy to play it on any device they own," Soghoian said.

Derek Bambauer, a law professor at Arizona State University who has worked on an ACLU lawsuit seeking more information on the program, said it is unlikely to have a major impact on piracy.

The French HADOPI law produced well over a million claims of infringement but "very little follow-on," he noted.

Bambauer said the effort appears to be "backdoor policymaking" by the US administration after it failed to implement any new policy.

But the US system is not a government program and entities are participating voluntarily, Lesser said, adding that the effort sought to learn from other countries' programs.

In France, she said, merely announcing the program discouraged illegal file-sharing by "people who thought they were doing this anonymously," and drove an increase in legal services.

"We hope there will be a similar psychological impact here," Lesser added.

(c) 2013 AFP

Center for Copyright Information

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:10

Top NavigationHomeAboutCopyright AlertsNewsPress ReleasesHeadlinesFactsFAQContact UsCAS: MOVING TO IMPLEMENTATIONCCI Executive Director discusses elements of the consumer focused program >>Read MoreCommon FrameworkMusic, Film, TV and Broadband Collaborate to Curb Online Content Theft >>READ MOREFollow@CopyrightInfo

November 28

Dotting Our ''I''sJill Lesser

November 5

Maintaining TransparencyOctober 30

CCI Recommits to Independent Evaluation of Content MethodologyBy Jill Lesser

October 18

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Ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou sentenced for leaking name on agency's use of torture - CBS News

A plea deal required the judge to impose a sentence of 2 1/2 years. U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said she would have given John Kiriakou much more time if she could.

Kiriakou's supporters describe him as a whistleblower who exposed aspects of the CIA's use of torture against detained terrorists. Prosecutors said he was merely seeking to increase his fame by trading on his insider knowledge.

Kiriakou's 2007 interviews about the interrogations of al-Qaida terrorist Abu Zubaydah were among the first by a CIA insider confirming reports that several detainees had been waterboarded.

Facebook, Instagram Ask More Users to Verify Accounts with Photo IDs | News & Opinion

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 06:50

Locked out of your Instagram account? What about your Facebook account?

If you're one of the unknown number of users who have been hit with a temporary shutdown of your account on either service lately, it's likely that Instagram and/or its parent company, Facebook, is asking you to confirm your identity. And to do so, either service wants you to snap a photo of an official photo ID that you (hopefully) have in your possession and send it along for verification.

While that might sound like a clever hacking or phishing attempt at first glance, these requests are legitimate. The asks are seemingly part of a new round of checks by Facebook and Instagram for those who appear to be violating either service's Terms of Service '' although a spokesperson wouldn't go into additional details as to what, specifically, could prompt a verification check.

"This is just a general practice for both Facebook and Instagram to request photo IDs for verification purposes depending on what type of violation may have occurred," said a Facebook spokesperson to Carl Franzen over at Talking Points Memo. "Unfortunately, I can't share more with you beyond that as we don't go into details beyond that."

As Franzen points out, it's a bit odd for Instagram to be making requests for photo identification for its users, as there's nothing in the service's Terms of Service that requires users to associate their accounts with their real-world identities. Users' account names can basically be whatever they want '' be they pseudonyms, their favorite movie characters, shortened versions of their real names, et cetera.

Facebook, however, mandates that its users, "will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission," which does give at least a little bit of reasoning for why the company would demand certain users to verify their information and accounts with real-world identification.

According to CNET, which first reported about Instagram's lockouts this past Tuesday, users subjected to the verification process are first told that their accounts have been "secured" and that they need to log into Instagram from a desktop computer in order to proceed forward with the validation process. When they do so, they're asked to take a photograph of a government-issued ID and upload it.

On the Facebook side of the equation, users are told that they should cover up any information that isn't needed to verify identities '' the service only cares about a user's full name, picture, and birthday.

For more tech tidbits from David Murphy, follow him on Facebook or Twitter (@thedavidmurphy).

For the top stories in tech, follow us on Twitter at @PCMag.Subscribing to a newsletter, constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Central Security Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Fri, 25 Jan 2013 18:43

The Central Security Service (CSS) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense, established in 1972 by a Presidential Directive to promote full partnership between the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Service Cryptologic Elements (SCE) of the United States Armed Forces in the field of signals intelligence.[1]

[edit]EmblemThe blue background of the CSS emblem represents "fidelity" and "steadfastness", with the symbols for the cryptologic service elements provided shown clockwise from top right as follows: Army Intelligence and Security Command, United States Marine Corps, Naval Security Group, United States Coast Guard and Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency with the symbol of the NSA/CSS in the center.[1]

According to James Bamford, NSA/CSS was initially conceived as a separate "fourth service" beside the three U.S. armed services. The latter three resisted this idea, and therefore the CSS was founded as an inter-service organization. The day-to-day work of the CSS is to capture enemy signals (radar, telemetry, radio/satellite communications) using the means of the involved service. For example, the navy has special submarines for tapping undersea cables; the air force operates aircraft with sophisticated antennas and processing gear to listen to enemy radar and radio; and on the ground, the army operates similar eavesdropping equipment.[2]

[edit]Special Collections ServiceThe Special Collections Service (SCS) is a group within the Central Security Service[citation needed] that is not officially recognized. Its purpose is to put sophisticated eavesdropping equipment- from bugs to parabolic antennas- in difficult-to-reach places. It also attempts to target for recruitment key foreign communications personnel such as database managers, systems administrators, and IT specialists.[3]

The Central Security Service was established by Presidential Directive in 1972 to promote full partnership between the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Service Cryptologic Elements (SCE) of the United States Armed Forces. The SCS facility is located in Beltsville, Maryland.[4]

The specialized intelligence gathering capabilities of the Special Collections Service include:

The combination of Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency resources are used to cover the requisite speciality skills tasked of this agency into a single clandestine intelligence organization that falls under director of NSA and secretary of defense oversight. Given the nature of post 9/11 counter terrorism strategies employed by the United States of America the operations of the Special Collections Service have experienced significant growth in scale and complexity.

[edit]See also[edit]References^ abCentral Security Service insignia, NSA/CSS website^History of the Central Security Service, FAS^Bamford, James (September 16, 2008). The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America. Doubleday. ISBN 0-385-52132-4.^http://cryptome.org/lost-codewar.htm[edit]External links

Ministry of Truth

Review: While 'jOBS' fawns over subject, film falls flat | Apple

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Source: Dave Winer's linkblog feed

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:22

The eagerly awaited biopic of the Apple founder aims to capture a legend, but neglects the world he lived in.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in "jOBS."

(Credit: Five Star Feature Films)PARK CITY, UTAH--The eagerly awaited biopic "jOBS" opens in 2001, when Apple's iconic co-founder arrives at Town Hall on Apple's Cupertino campus with good news. A secret team, Steve Jobs tells his employees, has built a product that will revolutionize the way everyone listens to music. Before he can even show them the iPod, the employees have sprung to their feet, wild-eyed and ecstatic, and their thunderous applause is eventually drowned out only by strings swelling in the background. It's a scene that sets the tone for all that is to follow: for most of the film's two hours, "jOBS" rarely stops clapping for its subject.

The team behind "jOBS," which was directed by Joshua Michael Stern, began working on the project shortly before Jobs retired from Apple in 2011. The script by first-time screenwriter Matt Whiteley covers Jobs' life from 1974, when Jobs attended classes at Reed College in Oregon, to 2001, when he announced the iPod to Apple employees. Along the way "jOBS" covers most of the major milestones of its subject's time at Apple: the Apple I, the Apple II, the Lisa, and the Macintosh all are shown in development, as Jobs (a hard-working Ashton Kutcher) works to bring his vision of personal computing to the masses. Jobs hand-picks John Sculley to become Apple's CEO, hoping his marketing expertise will help the company overtake IBM in the PC market. But Sculley disappoints Jobs, who alienates his allies on Apple's board of directors and is ousted from the company he started. Only Apple's near-death experience in 1997 is enough to bring him back to Apple -- first as an adviser, then as an "interim" CEO -- and with the success of the Bondi blue iMacs, Apple was ascendant once again.

It's a story that will be familiar to readers of Walter Isaacson's recent Jobs biography or any number of other histories of the company. The opportunity "jOBS" had was to render these legendary events of Silicon Valley's history on screen, and to dramatize the contradictions of a man who remained unknowable even to some of those closest to him.

The movie gives it a shot. Kutcher drew skepticism when he was announced as the film's lead, despite an uncanny resemblance to the man he would be playing. But he throws himself into the role, inhabiting Jobs in his mannerisms and gestures while doing a more than creditable impression of the man's voice. Kutcher also captures Jobs' deliberate, slightly hunched-over walk. At moments, as during an enjoyable sequence in which Jobs recruits members for the Macintosh team, Kutcher disappears into the role.

The filmmakers do show Jobs being a jerk: he sleeps around, he yells at people, he parks in handicapped spaces. He persuades Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) to perform crucial work for him, but lies about how much he is being paid, so he can dramatically underpay his best friend. An hour into the movie, he fires someone during an argument over font availability on the Lisa.

Yet the filmmakers are more interested in showing Jobs going about the work of being a genius. Over and over again, minor characters explain to him why something can't be done; Kutcher-as-Jobs smiles enigmatically and waves away their concerns. (It is left to someone else, far off screen, to turn his visions into reality.) We watch Jobs out-negotiate a computer parts store owner, lecture the team making the Lisa, and ride to the rescue of the Macintosh. Each time, he speaks of how the technology Apple is building will improve the lives of average people. Co-workers argue with him, but they never get anywhere, because their parts are poorly written and the filmmakers have no interest in showing their subject being wrong about his work. The film mentions Lisa's failure but has no interest in what part Jobs played in that failure; all Apple failures in "jOBS" are portrayed as the result of conservative, backward-thinking executives beholden only to their shareholders. The result is that the viewer spends two hours watching cardboard cutouts lose arguments to Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher speaks fully 40 percent of the lines in "jOBS." Unfortunately, he has almost no one to play off of. Dermot Mulroney, as early Apple investor Mike Markkula, shakes his head at Jobs' excesses without ever really challenging him. J.K. Simmons, as the Apple board chairman who oversees Jobs' ouster, is a cartoon villain. Women in the film barely exist; an actress playing Chris-Ann Brennan has a single under-written scene informing a young Jobs that she is carrying his baby; years later in the film, a small scene shows Jobs at home with his wife. Only Gad, as Wozniak, gets a scene standing up to the great man -- as Woz quits Apple, he criticizes Jobs for losing his humanity amid a single-minded pursuit of making great products. It's something even Jobs' staunchest admirers have to wrestle with, and the film could have used more of that.

Others will write of the things "jOBS" omits, gets wrong, or simply avoids. My primary disappointment was in how shallow the film felt, given the extensive historical record. In the early days Jobs' co-workers had to wrestle with a man who smelled bad, who cried often, who yelled constantly, who missed deadlines, who overspent his budget by millions. He did it in service of products we love and use daily, and yet his obsessions took a toll on those around him. It also inspired others to do the best work of their lives, pushing themselves further than they ever imagined they can go. There is great drama to be found in all that, but it is not to be found in the saccharine "jOBS."


Red Cross warns: ''Europe must be ready for popular uprisings'' The N.E.P.O Project

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:33

(PUBLISHED IN REUTERS) Millions of Europeans who were relatively prosperous, now so difficult to get food on the table, that Europe must be prepared for popular uprisings similar to those in North Africa.

(Photo by William Murphy)

The conclusion one is reached the International Red Cross because of the economic crisis in the EU.

The world's largest humanitarian organization is therefore to establish a strategy for the first time in recent history to equip especially the Red Cross in southern Europe to to handle deep distress and conflict on an unprecedented level.

'' Europe is even become a crisis zone, says Director General of the International Red Cross Committee, the Swiss Yves Daccord, Politiken.

'' We are now seeing for the first time that the Red Cross in several European countries need to focus on the poor in their own country, much more than on external missions outside Europe.

More must be helped

Cite Yves Daccord, the Greek Red Cross is about to go bankrupt, and the Spanish Red Cross' annual collection in 2012 only went to nationals.

Approximately two million Spaniards are now using the Red Cross, including approximately 300,000 ''extremely vulnerable'' people, there is no chance to fend for themselves.

New figures from the EU's statistical agency, Eurostat, shows that almost 120 million EU citizens live below the European poverty line (EU defines poor as people who earn less than 60 percent of median income).

'' The gap between the social needs of the people and their ability to help has grown, says Yves Daccord to Politiken.

He is convinced that the development will lead to violent riots.



Britten mogen stemmen over de vraag of Groot-Brittanni in de EU moet blijven :: nrc.nl

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:48

BuitenlandEr komt inderdaad een referendum over de vraag of Groot-Brittanni wel of niet in de Europese Unie moet blijven. Dat zei premier David Cameron zojuist in zijn toespraak over Europa. Hij zal zelf voor stemmen, mits Groot-Brittanni bevoegdheden uit Brussel terugkrijgt.

Cameron wil dat Groot-Brittanni in de EU blijft als een ''actieve en toegewijde'' lidstaat, maar hij wil wel bevoegdheden terug. Als hij de aankomende verkiezingen wint zal hij zich daar vanaf 2015 hard voor maken. Zijn Conservatieve Partij zal de verkiezingen ingaan met de belofte opnieuw te onderhandelen over het Britse lidmaatschap in de EU.

''Als we een nieuw verdrag hebben, zullen we de Britse bevolking een referendum geven met een hele simpele keuze: wel of niet in de EU blijven onder deze nieuwe voorwaarden.''

Wanneer het referendum precies plaatsvindt is nog onduidelijk, omdat het niet zeker is dat de conservatieven de verkiezingen winnen. Ze lopen achter op de Arbeiderspartij in opiniepeilingen. Die partij zit nu in de oppositie, terwijl de regeringscoalitie het land door pijnlijke bezuinigingsmaatregelen moet loodsen om het begrotingstekort terug te dringen.

Wel twee belangrijke voorwaarden voor referendumDe inhoud van de toespraak van Cameron lag in de lijn der verwachting, zegt onze correspondent Titia Ketelaar vanuit Londen. Wel is het de eerste keer dat hij zich zo stellig uitlaat over een referendum. Maar daar zitten wel een aantal belangrijke voorwaarden aan, zegt Ketelaar:

''Ten eerste: Cameron moet weer premier worden. Dat betekent dat de conservatieven een absolute meerderheid moeten halen, of de coalitiepartner moet ook een referendum willen. Ten tweede komt het referendum er op basis van een nieuwe relatie met de EU. Dat betekent dat de onderhandelingen daarover moeten slagen. Vragen na afloop van journalisten wat er gebeurt als dat niet lukt, wuifde hij weg: hij zei dat hij een optimist is en dat je geen onderhandelingen ingaat als je denkt dat ze niet lukken.''

Fransen en Duitsers: Europa la carte bestaat nietEr bestaat niet zoiets als een ''Europa la carte'', aldus voorzitter Martin Schulz van het Europees Parlement en de Franse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Laurent Fabius in een reactie op de speech. Ook de Duitse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Guido Westerwelle liet zich in soortgelijke bewoordingen uit.

'Het doel was vrede, maar is nu welvaart'Cameron begon zijn speech door te verwijzen naar het verleden: zeventig jaar geleden stonden Europese landen nog los van elkaar, nu leven ze in vrede. Die vrede, en het overbruggen van de verschillen tussen de landen was het eerste doel van de EU, zei hij. En dat doel is nu bereikt. Maar nu wordt de EU volgens Cameron alleen nog maar ingezet om de welvaart veilig te stellen.

Degenen die weigeren te veranderen vormen de grootste bedreiging voor de EU, zegt Cameron. Zoals verwacht, kaartte hij vijf uitdagingen aan waar de EU volgens hem voor staat: het concurrentievermogen verbeteren, flexibiliteit, meer macht naar de lidstaten in plaats van Europa, democratische vertegenwoordiging en verantwoordelijkheid.

'We zijn een eilandnatie'Cameron benoemde ook de bijzondere status van Groot-Brittanni in de EU: het land heeft het imago een buitenbeentje te zijn.

''We hebben het karakter van een eilandnatie: onafhankelijk en oprecht, gepassioneerd in de verdediging van onze soevereiniteit. We kunnen dat gevoel niet m(C)(C)r veranderen dan dat we het Kanaal kunnen droogleggen. Onze gemoedstoestand over de EU is meer praktisch dan emotioneel. Voor ons is de Europese Unie een middel om een doel te bereiken '' welvaart, stabiliteit, vrijheid en democratie, zowel binnen Europa als daarbuiten. Het is geen doel op zichzelf.''

[Om deze inhoud te zien moet Javascript aan staan in je browser.]

Lees hier de volledige speech van Cameron.

[Om deze inhoud te zien moet Javascript aan staan in je browser.]

Lees meer over:David CameronEuropaEuropese UnieGroot-BrittanniVerenigd Koninkrijk

EU-commissie: Brussel moet journalisten controleren

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Source: Een andere kijk op nieuws åÈ Nieuws items

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:32

EU-commissie: Brussel moet journalisten controleren | @infomagnlGeplaatst @ 26 januari 2013

Journalisten in landen van de Europese Unie (EU) moeten aan banden worden gelegd door in Brussel opgestelde regels. Journalisten die zich niet aan de regels houden, moeten uit hun ambt kunnen worden gezet.Hiervoor pleit de High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism in een rapport over persregulering in de EU.

De commissie werd in 2011 door eurocommissaris Neelie Kroes (VVD) opgericht om de Europese Commissie te adviseren over 'mediavrijheid en diversiteit'.Straffen

De commissie wil dat alle EU-landen een orgaan krijgen dat journalisten die over de schreef gaan, kan beboeten, schorsen of zelfs uit het ambt kan ontslaan.

De regels waaraan de journalisten zich moeten houden, worden opgesteld in Brussel 'om de Europese waarden te kunnen garanderen'.Bekijk orgineel item op anarchiel.com

Meer Nieuws items

(C)2013 Een andere kijk op nieuws

Ben Hammersley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

War on Ammo

S. 134: A bill to arrange for the National Academy of Sciences to study the impact of violent video games and violent video programming on children.

Link to Article

Source: Watching Congress

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 03:03

Didn't we do this already? Several times? In the 1990's?

Or can't we look at Japan, who has horrifically violent media, but has less than 10 gun deaths per year?

Or Canada, where they have more guns per capita than us, but less gun crime?

I mean, seriously, for God's sake, stop blaming it on guns and own up to the fact that our society, as it is, is broken!


Call for UK to allow women in combat

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Source: BBC News - Home

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:17

26 January 2013Last updated at05:38 ETThe UK should consider following the US and allow women to serve in combat roles, says a woman who became one of the most senior female army officers.

Brigadier Nicky Moffat, who retired in December, said it was wrong to dismiss people just on gender.

Major Judith Webb, who became the first woman to command an all-male field squadron disagrees.

She said resources would be wasted trying to train women up to a standard they were unlikely to reach.

On Thursday US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta lifted the military's ban on women serving in combat roles, potentially opening frontline positions to women.

Brig Moffat told the BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Ultimately the responsibility for the operational effectiveness of the army and for the lives of the soldiers that are deployed lies with ministers and with the heads of the services and they must make that judgement."

But she said that judgement should be made on the basis of "capability" and she was "deeply uncomfortable" with the idea of excluding a whole group of potentially capable soldiers, just because of gender.

She said "It is not just about physical strength. It's about endurance, it's about ability to operate within a team, it's about a range of skills.

"But we shouldn't dismiss the point about strength. The infantry combat fitness test is extraordinarily demanding and individuals are required to carry herculean amounts of kit.

"But if we look at the achievements of our women Olympians I don't think any reasonable person could say that there aren't some women who could meet those standards."

Brig Moffat said the British Army was in a difficult position because it worked closely with the US and the Canadian army, which has already allowed women into combat roles.

But Maj Webb previously told Today: "By opening it up to women are women shooting themselves in the foot? Because they are not going to meet those standards.

"Two women who made it through marine training in the US didn't qualify."

'Wasting resources'She said: "So what are we achieving by trying to open it up to women, except wasting a huge amount of resources by trying to train women up to a level I don't think they are going to meet."

No women are deployed in the infantry where the primary role is to "close with and kill" the enemy - to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

But they do perform support roles, such as medical duties and at any one time about 500 to 600 women are in theatre in Afghanistan.

The armed forces are exempt from the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act "for the purpose of ensuring the combat effectiveness".

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "The vast majority of roles in the armed forces are open to women and hundreds are currently serving their country with distinction in Afghanistan.

"Women are fundamental to the operational effectiveness of the UK's Armed Forces, bringing talent and skills across the board.

"The MoD 2010 review into women serving in combat roles concluded there should be no change to the existing policy. There are no plans to review this policy before the end of operations in Afghanistan."

In the US President Barack Obama welcomed the "historic step" and a senior defence official said about 237,000 jobs would be newly open to women "who can meet the standards".

The decision was also welcomed by Congressman Tammy Duckworth, a former helicopter pilot who lost both legs in Iraq.

She wrote in the Chicago Tribune: "It's time we stop being surprised that America's daughters are just as capable of defending this nation as her sons."

Obama Nation

Bob Menendez - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On January 5, 2012 Menendez blocked Judge Patty Shwartz, an Obama administration nominee to a federal judgeship, drawing speculation that the block was placed because of Shwartz's relationship with the head of the public corruption unit for New Jersey's federal prosecutor who had investigated the senator during his 2006 election fight.[62] Menendez denied personal motivation for the block. He has long contended that the corruption investigation was politically motivated.[63][64] The investigation was closed in the late 2011, with no charges filed.[65]

On December 12, 2012 it was reported that the Senator's office had an unpaid intern volunteering who had let his visitor visa expire and who was a registered sex offender. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been aware of the man as early as October 2012 but according to the Associated Press, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) instructed federal agents not to arrest the man until after Election Day. Menendez denied knowing about the allegation of the directive to delay the arrest and only recently learned of the arrest. According to two federal officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, the intern was arrested in front of his home in New Jersey on December 6, 2012.[66][67]

In January of 2013, it was reported that Senator Menedez is being investigated by the FBI for participation in parties with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. The Senator's office has denied the allegations, and the FBI will neither confirm nor deny an investigation is in-progress. [68]



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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:00

Politicians seem to like boy brothels.

According to the Sunday People and ExaroNews a boy brothel was advertised in a newsletter issued by a group within the UK Conservative Party.

Paedo brothel Elm Guest House advertised in Conservative Group newsletter.

The newsletter 'strongly recommended' a visit to to the Elm Guest House, which functioned as a boy brothel for top people.

Former boy brothel.

A newsletter, dated 8 April 1982 states: "I am glad to publicise another establishment (Elm Guest House) strongly recommended by members."

The newsletter's editor was Peter Campbell, a libertarian Conservative.

He was a politics professor at Reading university, and he in 2005.

The copy of the newsletter obtained by Exaro has a hand-written note from 'Peter' at the top that reads: "I have now inserted the entry about the hotel but can't find the text about the Dutch venture - could you please let me have another copy?"

Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus. "In sworn testimony, a couple claimed to have seen Claus in a brothel in a compromising position with a 12 or 13 year old boy." wikispooks.comIn the Netherlands, a number of boy brothels were being run by a German named Lothar Glandorf."After ignoring complaints for 18 months, Rotterdam police finally targeted him and found he had been selling hundreds of boys.

"Of those they could trace, nearly half were under 16, some by many years. One of them was only nine.

"Tapping Glandorf's phones, they heard one customer say ''I'm looking for a young boy, a very young boy, a nice little blonde one, who can stay the night''; and another who specified a pre-pubescent boy, ''You know, no hair.''"They heard Glandorf tell one boy that if he tried to run away, he would send his family pornographic pictures of him; another was told simply he would be shot in the head."


The Dutch are losing out to the Israelis."'It was incredible,' says Perlmutter. 'It was like Vegas on steroids.'

"Perlmutter and his friends spent the entire 10-day trip in Tel Aviv, never leaving the city limits. They went to the gay beach, partied at gay bars and nightclubs, even stayed at a gay hotel, one of several that have popped up around the city in recent years...

"In the last three years, Tel Aviv has become the new ''it'' place among gay tourists. The city estimates more than 50,000 LGBT travelers will make their way to Tel Aviv this year'--and that number is expected to double in 2014."A report by the Gay European Tourist Association, which came out in October, shows gay Europeans spend up to $65 billion each year on travel.

"Add to that the $62 billion gay Americans spend on their vacations annually, and it's no wonder Tel Aviv is ecstatic about its new pink-city status."But unlike, say, Amsterdam or Berlin, which have developed into gay hotspots naturally over decades, Tel Aviv's coming out was a much quicker and more calculated affair."

Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive.

aangirfan: 'POLICE COVER-UP OF CHILD MURDERS'aangirfan.blogspot.com/2012/.../police-cover-up-of-child-murders.ht...Oct 13, 2012 '' (The torture of American children, by the US military.) In Belgium, in the Dutroux case, there was a cover-up of top people's involvement in child ...aangirfan: JIMMY SAVILE - USA AND EUROPE - DUTROUX ...aangirfan.blogspot.com/.../jimmy-savile-usa-and-europe-dutroux.ht...Oct 5, 2012 '' Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a ...aangirfan: 'AIR FORCE BROUGHT ABUSERS TO CHILD SEX ...aangirfan.blogspot.com/.../air-force-brought-abusers-to-child-sex.ht...Nov 1, 2012 '' Paul Bonacci, who said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in ...


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Source: aangirfan

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 03:08

In late 2012, 'The Independent' posted this article online:'Max Clifford denies covering up Alan Clark's underage sex scandal'

http://webcache.googleusercontent.co...l-8298532.html / found here

"The former government minister Alan Clark had sex with children, according to the publicity agent Max Clifford.

"In a secretly filmed, three-minute interview posted on the internet last night, the publicist said that the Tory MP and diarist had 'interfered' with two 14-year-old girls. "But he added, during a discussion of his success in suppressing scandals, that the story had never come out."Last night Mr Clifford, who was unaware his comments were being recorded, strenuously denied that he had told the girls' family to stay quiet about the allegations.

"At the time that he learnt of the allegations, in the 1990s, Mr Clifford did not represent Mr Clark - but he did act for the alleged victims' family, who made less serious, but more titillating, claims about the MP."Mr Clark, a long-serving MP and minister in Margaret Thatcher's government who died in 1999, said of those claims at the time: 'Of course I deny them. I have to deny them.'

"Mr Clark, a Tory grandee who lived at Saltwood Castle in Kent, was known to be a philanderer.

"In his diaries, he recalled encountering his wife-to-be Jane (they married when he was 30 and she 16) when she was aged 14: 'This is very exciting. She is the perfect victim, but whether or not it will be possible to succeed I can't tell at present.'"In the video, which appears to be at least 10 years old, Mr Clifford boasted about his ability to keep embarrassing material out of the media and said he created a 'false image' for clients...."



Psychiatry to label entire families with a mental disorder

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:57

(NaturalNews) In a stunning display of ignorance, researchers attempt to create a mental diagnosis that can be applied to entire families at once."Parental alienation disorder" was denied acceptance into the psychiatric bible, the DSM-5 in spite of "intense lobbying" by supporters. This unofficial yet bold new disorder occurs to more than one person at a time.I guess if you are trying to label as many people mentally ill as possible, you may as well begin slapping diagnoses on groups.Parental alienation disorder supposedly happens when parents engage in the common but unfortunate attempt to alienate children from each other. For example, a mother may complain to her son that his father is a flake or a loser or a liar. The father may do the same in return as both parents attempt to win the approval of the child.This dynamic is not unusual in families. If something similar is going on in your family, you should take measures to correct it.

This is a communication issue, however, not a mental illness. This pattern that occurs within a family system involves resentment, immaturity, shortsightedness and even ignorance. It is an unfortunate practice, though, not a single mental illness for a group of people.

However, if you want an expressway to "medicalize" several people at once, Parental Alienation Disorder may be the ticket.In fact, some individuals could conceivably receive a diagnosis without even stepping foot into a mental health worker's office! Sound appealing? If so, support the American Psychiatric Association and pharmaceutical companies in their takeover of mental health.The trend in the industry, worldwide, is to expand the market for pharmaceuticals. By increasing the number and breadth possible medical diagnoses, more and more people have become mentally ill. More mentally ill people means more business for big pharma and psychiatrists.

Parental Alienation Disorder - the attempt to expand beyond the typical single person diagnosis - was a step too far for the DSM-5. The board must have known how much heat they would take if they allowed it. We should be alarmed, however, that it was even considered.

About the author:Watch the free video The AHA! Process: An End to Self-Sabotage and discover the lost keys to personal transformation and emotional well-being that have been suppressed by mainstream mental health for decades.

The information in this video has been called the missing link in mental health and personal development. In a world full of shallow, quick-fix techniques, second rate psychology and pharmaceutical takeovers, real solutions have become nearly impossible to find. This presentation will turn your world upside down.

Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

Follow Mike on Facebook for daily personal development tips.

people have commented on this article.

Alcoholism vaccine will give drinkers an immediate hangover if the drink even a small amount of booze | Mail Online

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 01:48

The vaccine would be effective for between six months and a yearIt sends a message to the liver not to express genes that metabolize alcoholTrials on mice begin next month with human tests planned for NovemberBy Daniel Miller

PUBLISHED: 12:12 EST, 26 January 2013 | UPDATED: 12:12 EST, 26 January 2013

A vaccine being developed in Chile will give anyone who drinks alcohol and immediate hangover

A new vaccine will give anyone who drinks even a small amount of alcohol an immediate and very heavy hangover.

Scientists from the University of Chile have spent a year designing the drug in a bid to tackle the growing problem of alcoholism in the country.

The vaccine, which would be effective for between six months and a year, works by sending a biochemical message to the liver telling it not to express genes that metabolise alcohol.

Normally, the liver turns alcohol into the hangover-causing compound called acetaldehyde which is then broken down by a metabolising enzyme.

If someone who's been vaccinated tries to drink alcohol, they will immediately experience severe nausea, accelerated heartbeat, and general discomfort.

Once the vaccine has been administered it cannot be reversed.

A preclinical trial using mice to determine the correct dosing is due to begin next month with researchers hoping to begin tests on human subjects in November.

The vaccine, which would be effective for between six months and a year, works by sending a biochemical message to the liver telling it not to express genes that metabolise alcohol

Dr. Juan Asenjo, director of the university's Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology said while the vaccine is not a cure-all, it could provide an important first step.

He told the Santiago Times newspaper: 'People who end up alcoholic have a social problem; a personality problem because they're shy, whatever, and then they are depressed, so it's not so simple.

Clanger: The hangover vaccine would be effective for between six months and a year

'But if we can solve the chemical, the basic part of the problem, I think it could help quite a bit.

'In Chile, according to the most recent 2011 study from the World Health Organization, one in 15 men have an alcohol use disorder.

Dr Asenjo belives the vaccine has the potential to help millions of people worldwide.

He added: 'If it works, it's going to have a worldwide impact, but with many vaccines one has to test them carefully. I think the chances that this one will work are quite high.'

Inspiration for the vaccine came from the far East, said Asenjo, where between 15 and 20 pwer cent of Japanese, Chinese or Koreans have a mutation which inhibits the breakdown of alcohol in their bodies.

The idea of using drugs to combat alcoholism is not new.

Disulfiram, which was developed almost a century ago works in a similar way blocking the enzyme from breaking down alcohol, thus intensifying the body's negative response.

However users often find the effects so unpleasant they simply stop taking the pills.

CDC admits to flu vaccine's ineffectiveness as huge influx of flu victims fills hospitals across the country

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 03:33

Natural Newsby Ethan A. Huff

Untold thousands of people from nearly all 50 U.S. states have continued to flood hospital emergency rooms in recent weeks due to widespread outbreaks of flu-like symptoms. And because many of these people have already been vaccinated for the flu this season, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is basically having to admit that the flu shot is not nearly as effective as we have all been told it is '-- but be sure to get it anyway (they continually say).

As reported by CBS News, the most recent statistics show that at least 24 states and New York City are experiencing ''high activity of influenza-like illness,'' and another 16 states are reporting moderate activity, despite the warmer-than-normal winter in many places throughout the country. And since it is so early into the so-called ''flu season,'' officials are scrambling to make sense of the situation, especially as it is becoming painfully obvious that flu shots simply do not work.

Even though about 65 percent of adults 65 years of age and older get a flu shot every year, this age group continues to be the most hard hit by influenza. Even children are falling victim to the flu, as more than 20 children from across the U.S., according to FOX News, have died in recent weeks due to flu complications. As reported by various news sources, many of these children and others had been vaccinated for the flu, illustrating its ineffectiveness.

''[T]hese early [vaccine effectiveness] estimates underscore that some vaccinated persons will become infected with influenza,'' admitted CDC researchers in a new study published in the journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. This same report admits that flu vaccines are also only about 60 percent effective at preventing the flu, based on infection rates in recent years.

But as we reported back in 2011, the data the CDC is using to claim even a 60 percent effectiveness rate for the flu shot is largely misinterpreted. Only about 2.7 in 100 adults gets the flu every year on average, according to the Lancet published meta-analyses that the CDC is referring to with its 60 percent effectiveness claim. But when you introduce vaccines into the picture, that number only drops by 1.5 percent.

In other words, flu vaccines have an effectiveness rate of only about 1.5 percent, according to the Lancet study that health authorities now routinely use to claim that flu vaccines are effective. When you take into account possible margins of error and other discrepancies, the true effectiveness of the flu shot is negligible, based on all available data.

What this means, of course, is that the CDC and various other major mouthpieces for public health are struggling to maintain the flu vaccine lie, as no matter how many people get the flu shot, flu outbreaks only continue to intensify. If anything, this shows that widespread malnutrition, lack of vitamin D, and toxic environments, and not a lack of flu shots, is to blame for the current flu epidemic.

To learn more about how to prevent and beat the flu naturally, check out this helpful article by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., of the Center for New Medicine:http://www.naturalnews.com/019194_flu_the_health.html

Sources for this article include:





Via Natural News

Culture Creation

Out There

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

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Thu, 24 Jan 2013 13:31

A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev's [photo top right] agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn President Obama that the ''time has come'' for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won't participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own.

The WEF (The Forum) is a Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva and describes itself as an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

The Forum is best known for its annual meeting in Davos, a mountain resort in Graub¹nden, in the eastern Alps region of Switzerland. The meeting brings together some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world, including health and the environment.

Medvedev is scheduled to open this years Forum where as many as 50 heads of government, including Germany's Angela Merkel and Britain's David Cameron, will attend the five-day meeting that begins on 23 January.

Critical to note about this years Forum is that the WEF, in their 2013 Executive Summary, scheduled for debate and discussion a number of items under their X Factors from Nature category, and which includes the ''discovery of alien life'' of which they state: ''Proof of life elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief systems.''

Equally critical to note is that Medvedev, after completing a 7 December 2012 on-camera interview with reporters in Moscow, continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that his microphone was still on. He was then asked by one reporter if ''the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia's nuclear arsenal,'' Medvedev responded:

''Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special 'top secret' folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet'... Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country'... More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black'... I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.''

Western news sources reporting on Medvedev's shocking reply about aliens stated that he was ''joking'' as he mentioned the movie Men In Black, which they wrongly assumed was a reference to the 1997 American sci-fi adventure comedy about two top secret agents battling aliens in the US.

Medvedev, however, wasn't referring to the American movie but was, instead, talking about the famous Russian movie documentary Men In Black which details many UFO and alien anomalies. [Full MIB length movie in Russian with English subtitles can be viewed HERE.]

Where Western news sources quoted Medvedev as saying ''More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called 'Men In Black,''' his actual answer was, ''You can receive more detailed information having watched the documentary film of the same name.''

The reason(s) for Western propaganda news outlets deliberately distorting Medvedev's words become apparent after his shocking statement, and as evidenced in just one example of their so called reporting on this disclosure of alien life already being on our planet where the title of one such article was ''Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev makes a crack about aliens, and conspiracists promptly lose their minds.''

If anyone is ''losing their minds'' about aliens, it must be pointed out, it is certainly not Russia, but the Vatican, which in November 2009 announced it was ''preparing for extraterrestrial disclosure''.

Equally, and apparently, ''losing their minds'' are US government officials themselves, such as former Pentagon consultant Timothy Good, and author of Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up, who in February 2012 stated that former President Dwight Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens who were 'Nordic' in appearance and wherein a 'Pact' was signed to keep their agenda on Earth secret.

With the recent discovery in the Russian city of Vladivostok of a 300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel, and scientists, astronauts and YouTube users reporting increasingly strange happenings on the moon, the European Space agency reporting their discovery of a 1,000 ancient river on Mars, and UK and Sri Lanka scientists saying they now have ''rock solid proof of alien life'' after finding fossilized algae inside meteorite, the only ones who seem to be truly ''losing their minds'' are the Western, especially American, propagandists who for decades have covered up one of the most important stories in all of human history that ''we are not alone.''

To if Medvedev will be able to convince the Obama regime to tell the truth about UFO and aliens at the WEF this week it is not in our knowing. What is in our knowing, though, is that with or without the US, the Kremlin will surely begin the process of telling the truth about that which we already know to be true.


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VIDEO-BBC News - Red Cross chief: 'Britain could face more riots'

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:33

The Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross has warned that Britain could face further riots as a result of the economic crisis.

Yves Daccord also said he believes there is the prospect of further violence throughout Europe, drawing parallels with the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

Speaking to The World At One, Mr Daccord said: "If the economic pressure on people goes on, yes it will have a social impact on people.

"And if young people especially don't see any future, any options, you might be confronted also with unrest - like in 2011 - and there is no reason that this unrest will not repeat itself one day."

Obama DOJ Sends CIA Whistleblower To Jail

FBI Investigating Allegations Senator Menendez Received Services Of Underage Prostitutes

VIDEO-Obama vs. Fly, Part 2: Revenge of the Fly - YouTube

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 02:19

VIDEO-Weekly Address: Two Nominees Who Will Fight for the American People - YouTube

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 15:08

Senator Rand Paul Exposes John Kerry's Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

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Source: The Ulsterman Report

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 02:54

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Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:14

Iceland president: Let banks go bankrupt

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:12

Adam explains why Hillary Clinton is So Great - No Agenda - 1/24/12

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Sat, 26 Jan 2013 11:03

Soledad O'Brien Sneers: Not Allowing Women on the Front Lines Is 'Exactly' Like Keeping Blacks Out

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Source: MRCTV - News & Politics

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 02:11

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Increase In Diagnosis Of ADHD

Belgian MP Laurent Louis Exposes International Neo-Colonial Plot

Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:14


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Source: aangirfan

Sun, 27 Jan 2013 07:15

Was a top politician present when a young boy was murdered?Reportedly there are photos of the top politician, in the nude, with the boy.

Censored31 threatens to spread picture of naked SG of Justice

12-year-old Manuel Schadwald disappeared on the way to a Berlin leisure centre.Manuel's mother thinks that a boy who appears in a child-porn film is her son.In an apartment in Zandvoort in the Netherlands thousands of child-porn photos were discovered.The photos include the torture and rape of children as young as two."Marcel Vervloesem confirmed what earlier sources already reported: Joris Demmink attended the satanic lust murder of the German boy Manuel Schadwald."'DEMMINK BIJ MOORD OP MANUEL SCHADWALD- Translate this page

Joris Demmink is one of the top people in the Netherlands.

Marcel Vervloesem has said in a Dutch radio programme that he has a video of Joris Demmink, on a boat called Apollo, while Manuel Schadwald was being murdered.


On 27 November 1995, Belgian police searched premises used by the Rajneesh - Osho cult (a cult linked to the CIA)

They were looking for Eric Mattheeussen, who had been accused of taking photographs of a traffic accident. The police found many boxes.

"In these boxes ... we find hundreds of pictures of corpses of children, often in the most hideous poses. "Many of the pictures have been made by himself; other pictures were made on order by other photographers. ...

"In several boxes we find child pornography. ... Hundreds of magazines. ... The lecture shows penetrations of often very young children by grown ups, and also some very unusual pedophile fantasies. ... newspaper clippings of prominent disappearances."

(De Demmink Doofpot Institute for the Study of Globalization and ...)


Beat Meier is Swiss.

"His name appears in the Dutroux police files."

"Scotland Yard detectives travelled to Switzerland to try to interview him in prison... Scotland Yard officers wanted to talk to him about a video they had obtained.

"This video featured a boy who was tied to a chair and horrifically tortured and abused by two masked men.

"Through great detective work Scotland Yard identified the boy, even though his face never appeared on the video. Fortunately the boy had survived his ordeal and he was tracked down to his home in Liverpool.

"The boy's explanation was very revealing.

"Beat Meier had befriended his parents and suggested taking the boy back to Switzerland for a holiday..."(4 2011-01-15 09:10 - Bende van Nijvel >> Forum)

Dutroux victims

Zev Barkan aka Bruckenstein was at one time a Mossad agent in Brussels.

Reportedly, Barkan got Bernard Weinstein involved with Marc Dutroux's organisation, so that blackmail could be applied to Dutroux's customers.Dutroux was at the centre of an international child abuse and murder ring.Of course, all these top child abusers are untouchable.And it is the intelligence services who organise the system.

aangirfan: ELM HOUSE - CHILD SEX RING - TOP PEOPLEaangirfan.blogspot.com/.../elm-house-child-sex-ring-top-people.htmlJan 18, 2013 '' ELM HOUSE - CHILD SEX RING - TOP PEOPLE. The UK police are to... Met investigates guesthouse child abuse claims. Elm Guest House ...

Iceland president: Let banks go bankrupt

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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:12

Police Want New Scanner Technology That Detects Weapons As You Walk By

CNN Taps Crazy Wingnut Allen West to Weigh in on Women's Combat Pay

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Source: Crooks and Liars

Sun, 27 Jan 2013 06:54

I would love to know why Anderson Cooper and his producers at CNN thought anyone in their audience would benefit from hearing what wingnut former Rep. Allen West had to say about the recent announcement that the Pentagon is removing military's ban on women serving in combat, given his background.

I don't know about anyone else, but someone who bragged about torturing Iraqi policemen is not the person I want to hear from when it comes to any matters involving our military, but here he was, on CNN, being treated like he's someone who's sane and credible, which he's not.

Allen West Slams Women In Combat 'Social Experiment,' Suggests They Should Also Join NHL And NBA:

Former Republican Congressman and Army veteran Allen Westmade his views about the recent decision to allow women to serve in combat roles known this morning on Twitter and Facebook. And tonight, he brought those views to CNN.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 along with retired General Rick Hillier of the Canadian Forces, West laid out his opposition to the new rule, saying that with all of the budget issues the military is having right now, the focus shouldn't be on ''this foray into an inequality trip.''

West then went off into an extended sports metaphor that seemed to have both Anderson Cooper and General Hillier baffled:

''I have to tell you, if this is the case, then why do we have separate hockey leagues? Women should be out there playing ice hockey with the guys in the NHL. We should not have a WNBA. I can't shoot a three-pointer, but there are ladies who could certainly take me to the hoop. Maybe they should be competing with Kobe Bryant.''

Cooper quickly steered the conversation back to the more practical concerns surrounding women in combat, asking Hillier if he had seen any advantages in his career working with women in combat. Read on...

I'm guessing there are a whole lot of people out there that would rather have a woman serving next to them in combat than a loose cannon like West. He's no longer in the Congress but it seems our corporate media isn't done allowing him to pollute our airways.